Monday, May 26, 2014

Aluminum Carts Used to Deliver Beer, Wine, and Soft Drinks by Beverage Delivery Companies

Love to drink those tasty beverages?  Of course we all do.  The grocery stores and convenient stores are loaded with various beverages now days.  The beer and wine industry has grown over the last few years with the popularity of craft brews and local wineries.  The soft drink industry is always adding new products.  Have you ever thought about how all of those beverages get to the stores.  Well your local beverage delivery companies are responsible and they stay very busy and work hard to get the tasty beverages delivered to these stores.  Many times they are delivered on standard hand trucks but bulk delivery trucks now make it quicker and easier to deliver the product to the stores.  We sell these bulk delivery trucks in high volume to the large beverage delivery companies to help them deliver more cases per trip.  These are aluminum bulk delivery carts or bulk delivery trucks.
The trucks we provide are made of high grade aluminum with 1.5" diameter folding handles, reinforced solid decking, and heavy-duty casters.  The aluminum construction allows the cart to operate without rust or corrosion and holds up in all types of weather and wash down applications.  This particular cart is 18" overall width X 61" overall length X 63" overall height and has 1,200# capacity.
We bring these trucks into our Carolina Material Handling warehouse in Greensboro, NC.  The carts are shipped with the handles folded and banded to a pallet without the casters so we can minimize the inbound freight of the carts.  We also bring our casters in bulk into Greensboro.  Once we have both in stock we assemble the casters to the carts and load them on the P Strouth Box Truck for deliver to our customer's three locations located in Greensboro, NC, Lexington, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC.
The casters are a very important part of the cart.  These carts are subject to much abuse.  The casters and wheels have to handle the weather, gravel drives, asphalt parking lots, rough concrete, traveling over dock boards and dock plates and still be quiet and smooth enough to roll in a grocery store.  We install two rigid casters in the middle of the cart with about 1/4" higher mount to allow for a slight tilt in the middle of the cart.  We install two swivel casters on each end to allow the cart to turn 360 degrees and maneuver in tight spots.  The casters have 8" x 2" thermoplastic elastomer rubber wheels on poly core with precision ball bearings.  The wheels are perfect for the application because they are non marking wheels for the grocery store and convenient store floors yet hold up to the dock boards and asphalt as well.  These thermoplastic elastomer wheels also hold up to weather and wash down.  Each caster is rated at 700# capacity.

In the past we have used solid elastomer wheels for the rigid casters and round tread rubber on aluminum wheels for the swivel casters.  This caster option has worked very well for the last 5 years and have not had to replace any of those casters.  The new thermoplastic elastomer rubber wheels are more economically priced and we expect them to have similar durability.  We will find out in the next few years if they work as well. 
Over the years we have become experts on the design and assembly of the Aluminum Bulk Delivery Trucks with Heavy-Duty Casters for the Beverage Industry.  We can offer several different caster and wheel options to fit any application.  Keep drinking up and we will keep supplying the bulk delivery trucks.
Check out the video on the carts as well.  It give detailed information on how the casters and wheels and the aluminum bulk delivery truck.


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